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28c3: How governments have tried to block Tor (video)

Fri, 2011-12-30 22:04 by Hans-Georg

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The scale of the universe

Wed, 2011-12-21 22:16 by Hans-Georg
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Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails

Sat, 2011-12-17 18:05 by Hans-Georg

'All our models are wrong', writes Jones

By Andrew Orlowski

Read the complete article in The Register

Analysis – There was always an element of tragedy in the first “Climategate” emails, as scientists were under pressure to tell a story that the physical evidence couldn’t support – and that the scientists were reluctant to acknowledge in public. The new email archive, already dubbed “Climategate 2.0”, is much larger than the first, and provides an abundance of context for those earlier changes.

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Mon, 2011-10-31 09:46 by Hans-Georg

Ich freue mich darüber, dass der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) nun schon die zweite Version des Staatstrojaners zugespielt bekommen hat und analysieren konnte.

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Study shows why it’s hard to keep weight off

Fri, 2011-10-28 21:00 by Hans-Georg

Published: October 26, 2011

Read the complete article in The New York Times

For years, studies of obesity have found that soon after fat people lost weight, their metabolism slowed and they experienced hormonal changes that increased their appetites. Scientists hypothesized that these biological changes could explain why most obese dieters quickly gained back much of what they had so painfully lost.

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Make love, not porn

Fri, 2011-10-28 20:20 by Hans-Georg

Cindy Gallop's famous TED talk.

Not for children.

Watch it on the TED web site

Cindy Gallop's "Make love not porn" web site

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Kerning game

Wed, 2011-10-12 16:27 by Hans-Georg

Try your typographic skills here:


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Evolution timeline

Tue, 2011-09-27 15:33 by Hans-Georg

From the big bang until today:


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The photographer Steve McCurry: a retrospective

Sun, 2011-09-18 20:42 by Hans-Georg

Steve McCurry: A Retrospective from leica camera on Vimeo.

Recommendation: Start the video, then click on the bottom right full-screen icon.

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Japanese tsunami video recovered from a car wreck

Sun, 2011-09-11 09:24 by Hans-Georg

Yu Muroga was doing his job making deliveries when the 11-March-2011 earthquake hit in Japan. Unaware, like many people in the area, of how far inland the tsunami would travel, he continued to drive and do his job.

The HD camera mounted on his dashboard captured not only the earthquake, but also the moment he and several other drivers were suddenly engulfed in the flood.

He escaped from the vehicle seconds before it was crushed by other debris and sunk underwater.