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UN rights body votes to curb criticism of religion

So, 2009-03-29 10:33 by Hans-Georg

GENEVA (AP) – The U.N.'s top human rights body has approved a proposal by Muslim nations urging the passage of laws protecting religion from criticism.

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Members of the Human Rights Council voted 23 in favor of a resolution Thursday to combat "defamation of religion." Eleven nations, mostly from the West, opposed the resolution and 13 countries abstained.

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When a period ends more than a sentence

Mo, 2009-03-09 17:24 by Hans-Georg

The Huffington Post
Elizabeth Scharpf and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff
Posted March 8, 2009 | 12:26 PM (EST)

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World Builder

So, 2009-03-08 16:08 by Hans-Georg

A short movie made by Bruce Branit. A man creates a virtual world for the woman he loves.

If you have a fast Internet connection, click on [HQ] for high quality, then on the full-screen icon next to it.

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Richard Dawkins: An atheist's call to arms

Sa, 2009-03-07 11:14 by Hans-Georg

One of the famous talks given by Richard Dawkins. Here's the recording of his speech at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).

View it in a larger size on the TED web site

Download or watch this talk as high-res video (MP4, 402 MB)

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Why the experts missed the crash

Do, 2009-03-05 22:01 by Hans-Georg
Philip Tetlock is a professor of organizational behavior at the Haas Business School at the University of California-Berkeley.

Philip Tetlock is a professor of organizational behavior at the Haas Business School at the University of California-Berkeley.

Which forecasters should you trust on the direction of the economy and the markets? Ask Philip Tetlock, who knows the kind of expert worth listening to—and what to listen for.

By Eric Schurenberg, Money Magazine
Last Updated: February 18, 2009: 4:10 PM ET

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Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street

Di, 2009-02-24 21:30 by Hans-Georg

Tech Biz: IT
By Felix Salmon

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A year ago, it was hardly unthinkable that a math wizard like David X. Li

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Two satellites collide in orbit

So, 2009-02-22 08:41 by Hans-Georg
The Iridium 33/Cosmos 2251 collision has added to the orbital debris environment in low Earth orbit; how could it happened? (credit: AGI, published in The Space Review) An artist's concept of an Iridium satellite orbiting the Earth. Photo: Iridium

By William Harwood
Story written for CBS News "Space Place" & used with permission
Posted: February 11, 2009;
Updated @ 5 p.m. with Iridium statement;
Updated @ 5:45 p.m. with STRATCOM interview

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In an unprecedented space collision, a commercial Iridium communications satellite and a defunct Russian satellite ran into each other Tuesday [2009-02-10 16:56 UTC] above northern Siberia, creating a cloud of wreckage, officials said today.

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The Hubble Deep Field (video)

Sa, 2009-02-21 12:28 by Hans-Georg

"The most important image ever taken"

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Greed—and fear – The Economist

So, 2009-02-01 12:03 by Hans-Georg
Illustration by S. Kambayashi

Illustration by S. Kambayashi