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  1. Miniserie – 3 h
  2. Staffel 1 – 13 Folgen
  3. Staffel 2 – 20 Folgen
  4. Staffel 3 – 20 Folgen
  5. Razor – 1:40 h
  6. Staffel 4 – 10 Folgen
  7. Staffel 4.5– mindestens 8 Folgen + 3 Folgen "Daybreak" (siehe unten). Die englische DVD-Version habe ich, die deutsche gibt es noch nicht.

Informationen über den Inhalt enthält eine Liste aller Folgen und für jede Folge eine ziemlich ausführliche Beschreibung (auf die Überschrift der Folge klicken). enthält viele allgemeine Informationen zur Serie.


Nach Birgits Anstoß haben wir nun begonnen, alle verfügbaren Folgen (nicht die ganz alten von 1978, sondern erst die ab 2003) von Battlestar Galactica (Überblick deutsch, englisch) im Heimkino zu sehen. Ich denke, die Zeit vor und um Weihnachten eignet sich gut dafür.

Die Miniserie hat einen deutschen und englischen 5.1-Soundtrack. Season 1 und 2 haben deutsch nur 2.0, aber englisch 5.1. Deswegen haben wir zwar die Mini-Serie auf deutsch gesehen und wollten dann auf englisch umsteigen. Nach der ersten Folge der ersten Staffel haben wir aber gemerkt, dass der Sechskanal-Sound nicht viel wert ist, vermutlich nur ein simpler Upmix, so dass wir wieder auf deutsch zurückgefallen sind. Die Synchronisations-Leute in Deutschland verstehen ihr Fach—man könnte sagen, der deutsche Sound ist besser als der englische. Den Upmix von 2 auf 6 oder sogar 8 Kanäle macht unser Sound-Adapter auch.

Da die Staffeln 3 und 4 bis Dezember 2008 noch nicht auf deutsch erschienen waren, haben wir die englischen (UK) DVDs genommen, bei denen die Staffeln 3 und die halbe 4 schon verfügbar sind, und diese auf Englisch gesehen.

Die DVDs haben kein Verleihrecht, daher habe ich sie einfach auf eBay gekauft und werde sie anschließend dort auch wieder verkaufen. Das ist wahrscheinlich sogar billiger. Falls aber jemand hier mitmachen möchte, könnte ich sie auch weiterschicken, und wir könnten uns Gewinn und Verlust beim Wiederverkauf teilen. Oder hat vielleicht sogar jemand eine der Staffeln, die wir noch nicht gesehen haben, und würde sie mir leihen?

Ein Anlass für diese Heimkino-Abend-Serie war auch der neue Projektor, ein Panasonic PT-AX200E, der einen riesigen Fortschritt darstellt, und den wir mit Battlestar Galactica eingeweiht haben. Er hat sich als voller Erfolg herausgestellt.

Was wir bis jetzt gesehen haben

  Wann Was
1. Fr 2008-11-28 Mini-Serie (2:55 h)
2. Sa 2008-11-29 Staffel 1, Folgen 1-4
3. Fr 2008-12-05 Staffel 1, Folgen 5-9
4. So 2008-12-07 Staffel 1, Folgen 10-13
5. Fr 2008-12-12 Staffel 2, Folgen 1-5
6. Sa 2008-12-13 Staffel 2, Folgen 6-10
7. So 2008-12-14 Staffel 2, Folgen 11-13
8. Fr 2008-12-19 Staffel 2, Folgen 14-16
9. Sa 2008-12-20 Staffel 2, Folgen 17-20
10. So 2008-12-21 Staffel 3, Folgen 1-4
11. Di 2008-12-23 Staffel 3, Folgen 5-9
12. So 2008-12-28 Staffel 3, Folgen 10-13
13. Do 2009-01-01 Staffel 3, Folgen 14-18
14. Fr 2009-01-02 Staffel 3, Folgen 19-20, Razor (1:40 h)
15. Sa 2009-01-03 Staffel 4, Folgen 1-4
16. Sa 2009-01-10 Staffel 4, Folgen 5-8
17. Fr 2009-01-16 Staffel 4, Folgen 9-10

Inhalt und offizielle Beschreibung der letzten Staffel 4.5

The end of the epic saga is drawing nearer, and the search for the fabled earth is nearing its conclusion. But is Galactica, now virtually falling apart, ready for what could be her final mission? And has humanity's final chapter also arrived? This four DVD box set of the final season of Battlestar Galactica may herald the end of our story, but will it be the same for the human race itself?

Disc 1

Sometimes A Great Notion
A Disquiet Follows My Soul
The Oath
Blood On The Scales

Disc 2

No Exit
Someone To Watch Over Me
Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Disc 3

Daybreak Part 1
Daybreak Part 2
Daybreak Part 3

Disc 4

Bonus Material

A Disquiet Follows My Soul Unrated Version
Islanded in a Stream of Stars Unrated Version
Deleted Scenes: Sometimes A Great Notion, A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Deleted Scenes: The Oath, Blood On The Scales, No Exit, Deadlock
A Sneak Peek at Caprica
David Eick's Video Blogs
What the Frak is Going On With Battlestar Galactica?
The Face Of The Enemy Webisodes Web Featurettes
Deleted Scenes: Daybreak
A Look Back

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Good enough to watch?

So, 2008-12-14 10:26 by Hans-Georg

After having watched nearly half of the entire series, let me offer my judgment, which is largely similar to that of my kids.

We think the series is not very good, or maybe not good at all. It is, barely, good enough to continue watching. The main weak points are:

  1. Almost all humans come across as stupid, making the dumbest mistakes, almost always misjudging the situation, usually in the face of obvious contrarian evidence. This is getting tiresome.

    Most figures are slowly losing our sympathy, with few exceptions. The only figures that do things right, very rarely make mistakes, and even gain our sympathy, are the female Cylons. The second Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (Number Eight) is, by now, the only thoroughly likable, intelligent, sensibly-acting person in the entire series, followed in some distance by Commander, later Admiral William Adama. But his view of reality is still too often clouded and he is making too many and too stupid mistakes to earn our full sympathy.

    The same holds for the other major players. If the audience gets the feeling that the main figures in the story are too stupid to like, something is going wrong with the whole series.

  2. Another point we dislike is the amount of bloody inter-personal brutality. On top of this, the brutality often does not carry the story, is superfluous, and seems to be there just for the story author's sadism or perhaps because some viewers like the looks of lots of blood. We don't.
  3. A third point we dislike is the kind of mythical-religious nonsense that pervades the story. Worse, the movie seems to make it look as if such nonsense will ultimately be successful, totally unlike the real world. This bores us and turns us off.

The series is already down to grade C in my personal A to D scale, which means that I cannot really recommend it. We are continuing to watch merely because we've already gotten this far, because the home cinema events are a nice meeting point, because the dinner before and the discussion after each movie event are nice, because we enjoy the group experience, and because science-fiction movies are all too rare. But one viewer (Mausi) has already dropped out, and a second (Franz) is very close to it.

I personally don't regret watching it, because I tend to try to get as much positive impression out of any work of art as possible, and I like it that the series is at least technically well done, apart from the poor sound. But, as I said, this is not enough for a recommendation.

Later impressions – In Season 2, Episode 14, things lighten up a little. At least the story is no longer quite so depressing. I hope the series will steer in the direction of a more likable story. Then, during the New Caprica settlement phase, the story became more realistic (if you can say that of a sci-fi movie at all, perhaps better to use one of the words believable or imaginable), but on the other hand it becomes even more depressing. The series seems to be trying hard not to be thoroughly likable.

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Mo, 2008-12-15 13:07 by finsterwipf

I personally disagree with your opinion. I don't think it's "barely good enough to continue watching", in fact, it's one of the few movies I've become addicted to.

1, You say that humans make dumb decisions. Isn't that by far more realistic than a super hero who always succeeds? We watch the movie, so we know more aspects than each individual in that movie does. I don't recall Adama making mistakes, please give me an example. The only "mistake" I can think of is attacking the Pegasus, which was in Adama's point of view, unavoidable. The two suspects had been a great help in the past - something the Admiral probably didn't know, but Adama did. As for locking up the cylon: Adama was shot by a cylon before, and the cylon had never been acting suspicious before. It's reasonable to lock up the second Sharon.

Plus, the humans are probably tired, exhausted, and don't know what to do. Who doesn't do stupid things when one is completely overstrained? The cylons probably don't have to worry about lack of sleep, attacks, food, their future. It's obvious that a desperate human is more likely to make mistakes.

2, I think this "bloody inter-personal brutality" shows what Hobbes said a "while ago": homo homini lupus. I like how everyone is so desperate, and without someone telling the humans what they have to do and what they mustn't, things get out of control. It has been like this since the beginning of time. :p

3, Yes, true. Can't be helped :p

I think a strength of Battlestar Galactica is that it's really really unique. In other movies, the protagonists almost always are skillful and know what they have to do. Here, persons have to do jobs and go on, although they maybe aren't trained or made for these positions. Adama maybe always just listened to superior's orders, and the President used to be a teacher. Keep that in mind, and if you do, I think they don't do a bad job.

I don't watch it because we've already gotten this far. I watch it because I want to know where they will be in the end, and how they will develop. I personally can recommend it, because it's different to other SciFi movies, and it doesn't focus on action so much, like Stargate or Star Wars does. It shows a side of life other movies don't - jealousy, desperation, fear.


Mo, 2008-12-15 18:42 by Georg

Agreed, many mistakes can be forgiven because these were rushed decisions. But some can't.

The treatment of the second Sharon compares to locking up Obama "because the black race tends to crime in the US". Actually, what they do is much worse.

Adama had my respect throughout the series, but that decision is plain ugly. Even much more: agreeing to kill her unborn child! Doing that to the one who saved his life, it's such a disgrace, I'm at a lack of words. I doubt I could even live with that. But he hardly seems to have doubts.

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Hm, flawed comparison.

Di, 2008-12-16 12:22 by finsterwipf

I think your comparison isn't exactly true. When you say "black race tends to commit more crimes", it still consists of many different individuals. But Sharon is a clone of the murderer Sharon, probably with the same mindset - although the omniscient viewer might say something else, Adama thinks: Cylon Sharon 1 = Cylon Sharon 2 = Cylon Sharon 3 = Cylon Sharon N. This is understandeable, for one copy is supposed to be exactly like the other copies.
The murderer Sharon did a lot of helpful tasks too, such as destroying this huge spaceship. A few hours after that, she shot Adama.
Noone knows if it isn't the same with the new Sharon!

As for the unborn child: Adama isn't a scientist. Based on what the doctor said, he had to make a decision - abnormal baby, what is that supposed to mean? Maybe it has a disease which might kill the whole population of the ship? Maybe it's a super-strong mutant baby which can fly and kill you with your breath? Adama didn't know.

Adama is in a difficult position - I'm sure he didn't _WANT_ to do this. But in such a situation, one life is worth less than a few thousand lives. And maybe, Adama didn't know, the baby would've been a serious threat. One can't take chances when it comes to the survival of humans. :p

still it's not logic

Di, 2008-12-16 15:53 by Georg

If the Baby was a disease, infecting the president with its blood seems like a "good" idea. They cannot be thinking that. (And it's absurd.) If Adama thinks the baby will have super powers and killer breath, I really can't help him. Nothing similar ever appeared in Cylons or humans.

You can think all Sharons are alike, but only until you're proven otherwise. She says herself that unlike her other copy, she is fully aware of who she is and what she's doing. The first Sharon was unable to say that. And the second has no reason to lie. If she had been allied with the Cylons, why all the hassle? Just contact them for a new body, wipe out the Galactica, and pick a new father for the baby from Caprica or anywhere. There's not really any reasonable explanation for her behavior other than truly being in love with "Helo". Also, the intentions of the Sharon copies obviously are similar, so everything makes sense. Only their amount of control inside their brains are different. The first could have her body control overridden by the Cylon core fraction, the second is free. The second Sharon explained that precisely, and the first said and did things that fit into this perfectly. Like shooting herself - the second wouldn't do that, as she knows she's in control of herself.

The obvious way of acting is asking Sharon which security measures are appropriate against her. If she has doubts about her body control, she'll get herself a security escort that is ready in case her mind is invaded by the core Cylons. And her precautions will be the best, for there's no doubt she knows herself better than the humans know her. They just lock her up, she herself would maybe figure out how to block Cylon communications instead.

I'm not using information here that's not available for Adama. Also, if he's not able to figure this out, why not ask Sharon to clarify? It's not like she could invade his brain or something.

One can't take chances? Adama already took chances when he let Sharon take full control over the Galactica defense scanners and communication. She could have screwed up things in any way she wished for. And the Cylons were in range and lost a control privilege war against her. HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED?

Also, no matter what the hell they think, they have no right to do this stuff. (Defining right as the way to act necessary for peaceful survival if all sides are highly intelligent.) It's not to be taken into consideration. What's their argument to be any better than the Cylons if they don't respect other beings? Or is this war just between equal hordes of freaks, to see who remains alive in the end?

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Capslock is cruise control for cool?

Di, 2008-12-16 16:31 by finsterwipf

It's actually not absurd. Gaius figured out that it's _not_ a disease _after_ the decision to kill the baby, and they didn't kill the baby after this was revealed. And actually, have you forgotten that the president was dying? There was absolutely no other option, so it was neither a good nor a bad idea.

As for "nothing similiar ever appeared in Cylons or humans" : Yes, and there was never a mixture baby before. And blood has never healed cancer before. Such an argument doesn't mean anything.

Well, all you are saying is from Sharon's point of view. Yes, Sharon does know she's in control of herself. Yes, Sharon does know that she won't do that. And now give me one reason why Adama should believe Sharon. Why do cats play around with mice before they kill them? Maybe this "love" is just part of a plan, maybe Sharon is just having fun with them. You can't say that for sure.

Adama's behaviour still makes sense. Sharon doesn't get tortured, and helps them if necessary. Why not lock her up? If she doesn't help, they will kill her. It's a win-win situation for Adama, although not very nice, it's still effective. Sharon is no security threat, and a strategic bonus.

As for "One can't take chances? Adama already took chances [...]": Fine. Replace "One can't take chances" with "One shouldn't take chances unless it's absolutely necessary". And the time Sharon helped them it was either die or die.

"They have no right to do this stuff": Sharon is not being tortured, what is she supposed to do? Maybe the cylons can get information out of her, and she doesn't even notice. It doesn't matter if she can control herself, it's better to not let her handle dangerous tasks.

I was shouting at Adama.

Di, 2008-12-16 17:46 by Georg

Dying or not, diseases have this tendency to spread. Besides, a disease consists of incredibly small reproducing structures. The Cylons wouldn't possibly need or want a weird hybrid humanoid baby to infect the Galactica. The Centurions or humanoid Cylons could directly infect the ship. Hell, Sharon could. The same holds true for the baby itself. If a hybrid baby happened to have super powers, the cylons must have constructed them. Such things don't appear at random (or kill the baby with a 99.99999...% chance). Then why didn't they add these powers to themselves in the first place? Any problematic reason also holds true for the baby.

If Sharon is just having fun with them... then they're doomed either way. Suspecting that she's "just playing" but stupid enough to let her only safe shot at erasing the Galactica pass by is nothing I'd consider. Cats play with mice when they're not hungry. But if they're just a little hungry, if they have the slightest reason to act, they're serious - and will not hesitate before they kill. Any other way of acting is plain stupid, and I doubt they suspect Sharon of stupidity.

Whether or not the Cylons are getting information out of her *without her knowledge* should be figured out with her help! She might say "Oh, I can explain the Cylon communication, so you notice if anything weird is being sent by me and maybe detect Cylon agents while you're at it!" or even "Yes, unfortunately, I'm not sure about that. The Cylons might want to map the rear part of your ship, so keep me at the front and away from tactical intelligence!".

Adama's behavior makes sense from the viewpoint of a dictator who's handling stupid and potentially evil creatures. It works as long as he has infinite power over those he forces into his control. But seriously, if I was Helo, I'd try to ask Sharon about the inner structure of the Cylon species - and maybe find some allies that are more appropriate to fight for. The humans already think of Sharon and the baby as freaks. Naturally, it's time to rethink your allegiance. The Cylons, some of which worship the little family as "the face of things to come", or the humans, who'd prefer them as locked up fighting tools or dead?

Adama is not testing whether Sharon is allied with the core Cylons. He's rather pushing her to ally with them once again. Acting superior and dictating what's right through force, but actually negotiating with equals, that is nothing but oppression. It works as long as the dictator is the strongest one around. But Adama's fleet is only the second strongest after the core Cylons and is in desperate need of allies to escape certain annihilation.

Even if Adama doesn't give a damn about ethics and righteousness, he needs knowledge about the Cylons. Chances are: this knowledge is the key to survival. Now guess who you'd want to be on good terms with to gain it.

You also ignored the part that they just don't have the "right" to do these things. Even if they escape, what's a civilization worth in which people start using force on others, for suspicions that are hardly logic and lack any evidence? Why doesn't he use movement statistics on his crew and lock up all the unusual people? They might also be Cylon agents after all.

Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy

Mi, 2008-12-17 03:22 by Birgit

Interesting, your discussion!!

By the way, I have been told that the series has been used in a philosophy course at a college (according to the reference librarian in our library). A lot of stuff that is going on in the series seems utterly familiar to the human race, unfortunately also the religious mumble jumble - especially when one lives in the US - and the violence. We are already watching season 3.

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Yes, interesting

Mi, 2008-12-17 18:08 by Hans-Georg

I sympathize with both opposing opinions to some extent. All that's been said is apparently true.

As to the violence, I believe the makers had bought too much movie blood and therefore decided that they must use at least half a liter per episode. (:-)

The sorry point is that the story is directed more by mistakes than by genuine progress. Instead of solving the problems, the people keep creating new ones at such a rate that genuine progress is rather slow.

What I also found strange is that the first big, successful attack on the Cylons, when their breeder ship was destroyed, was shown rather quickly and without details, almost on the sidelines. Perhaps the decisive turning point, the first time the humans actually won a big battle, was pretty much neglected.

I think one of the most important figures is now, at the end of season 2, Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, aka Number Eight. A lot revolves around her position between Cylons and humans, her actions, and the way she is treated.

I have long learned that movies always have different effects on different people. I still remember one person who had the opposite movie taste of mine. Guess I should have asked him which movies he disliked most, and then watch them. (:-)

I just bought season 3 and 4 and will also get the Razor movie, a story sideline about the Pegasus that maybe should be watched before beginning with season 4. I guess we'll watch a lot around Christmas. Also have the two final movies of the Stargate SG-1 series, and we're still missing the final season of Stargate Atlantis.

But it's SciFi, so we'll keep watching either way. :P

So, 2008-12-14 18:57 by Georg

I agree on the three points of criticism. Still, I'll keep watching, because I find mediocre SciFi much more entertaining than a "good" thriller.

Still, it's sad how much potential was lost in the series. The suspense is simply gone when I stop caring about the characters (because I sometimes hate them!). Some behavior is just unbelievable. Especially how people treat the second version of Sharon. The President says "we won't harm you" to her, then commands to kill her a second later. She saves humans all the time - first the one who fell in love with her, then a group of rebels, and finally the entire human starship fleet. And what would they do right after she did that? Lock her up. She wasn't even in the "yay we survived" party. Noone even thanked her. And noone even ASKED whether she might mind killing hundreds of her kind's fighters.

They are just as insane on every other occasion: starting a fight against each other at the most absurd times is absolutely normal for these people! No matter how close they are to being erased by the Cylons. Give them any reason to attack one another and they'd all gladly die together. Humans are just anti-social freaks in Battlestar Galactica.

The Cylons are even worse - most of them participated in the pointless genocide at the beginning. Yet, they just don't feel like a powerful, smart and sentient foe. They're more like the typical enemy in a computer game campaign: they possess brute force and a few special attacks, using them the usual way. Once their current plan has been figured out, they're predictable. And their tactics are plain horrible! They always scatter their troops and have a fighting style that's long crossed the border of insanity. Usually they just hammer insane amounts of ammo/ships straight at the enemy and stop caring. They clearly wouldn't stand a chance against me in Supreme Commander. ;)

I think a TV series needs characters for the audience to love, respect, fear or envy. Battlestar Galactica lacks that.

But it does have its good moments. One cannot deny the powerful presence of Commander Adama. The Cylon ship designs are good. (Though it's kind of sad there are so few different models.) And the series is great at showing very real human weaknesses, even if they usually overdo it.

What I particularly like is the subjective impression in the scenes. The image shakes, pans and zooms all the time, giving me the feeling of actually looking around, not just sitting before the screen. The fighting music consists mostly of drums, which I think really adds to the atmosphere and unique style. On the planets, the exaggerated colors and unnaturally quiet surroundings feel surreal, as if the viewer wonders whether he's dreaming when finally exiting the dark corridors of the Battlestar.

I'm really not sure if I should love or hate this. I guess it's something in between. "Hassliebe" (hate-love), as the Germans say. :P


Di, 2008-11-25 00:47 by Birgit

Au weia, Hans-Georg!! Was, wenn ihr es bloed findet??!! Da habe ich es ja besser. Ich bekomme alles kostenlos und wenn es mir nicht gefaellt, benutze ich den on/off Schalter, was relativ haeufig passiert. Ich finde das mit Gaius und der blonden Cylon Frau ein bischen komisch, aber trotzdem sind Kirsten und ich Hals ueber Kopf in die Serie reingezogen worden. Bin gespannt, was ihr dazu sagt. Wir muessen jetzt leider warten, bis die Bibliothek die Serie 3 und 4 kauft.

Bild von Hans-Georg

Gaius Baltar and his Cylon lover

Sa, 2008-11-29 11:31 by Hans-Georg

Ich kann das nicht gut auf deutsch schreiben, weil zu viele Ausdrücke (z.B. backdoor) sowieso englisch sind und weil ich dachte, wir würden ab heute alles in Englisch sehen (was sich dann allerdings doch nicht bewahrheitet hat).

Since we had already thought about it, I watched Gaius Baltar and his Cylon lover Caprica-Six particularly carefully. Some facts are quite clear. She approached him, because she was a Cylon spy and wanted information about the ship electronics. In particular, she planted the backdoor into the ships' computer control systems, through which the Cylons could later switch off the ships' electrics.

On the other hand, she seemed to have an irrational penchant for him. Humans would call this love. Perhaps the Cylons had copied too much from the humans into this Cylon model. She even sacrificed herself during the nuclear blast to save his life, although perhaps her identity and her memories could be transferred into a new body after her death.

She said that she may have implanted a chip into his brain to influence him, but it remains unclear so far whether this is true or whether she had other means of influencing him later. It is also unclear so far whether the Cylons could somehow read his mind directly. I think they can't. Only the image of the woman who keeps appearing to him apparently can, but we don't know yet whether she has an independent identity or whether she is only a figment of his imagination. Perhaps we'll learn more later.


So, 2008-11-30 02:37 by Birgit

Na, da hat euch die Show ja auch "gepackt", wenn ihr gleich am Sonnabend die naechste Serie angefangen habt!!! :=)) Nachdem wir mit allen Folgen fertig waren, die die Bibliothek bis jetzt hat, habe ich teilweise die erste Miniserie noch einmal gesehen, um alles besser zu verstehen. Vielleicht war ich auch am Anfang mal eingeschlafen. Das passiert manchmal nach einem langen Tag in der Bibliothek!! Mir sind dann Sachen aufgefallen, die ich beim ersten Sehen nicht bemerkt hatte.

Bild von Hans-Georg

Wir verkaufen sie wieder

Di, 2008-11-25 07:10 by Hans-Georg

Über eBay geht das gut. Die Mini-Serie hat incl. Versandkosten (Brief) auch nur knapp €10 gekostet (ca. $13) und die Staffel 1 €20 + €4 Versandkosten ($30). Der neue Projektor war etwas teurer. (:-)

In Deutschland gibt es für die gesamte neuere Battlestar Galactica DVD-Serie kein Verleihrecht, so dass ich mich sogar ein bisschen wundere, dass du sie leihen kannst. Vielleicht ist das in Amerika anders oder für bestimmte Bibliotheken gelten andere Regeln.


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