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My photos are popular

Do, 2009-11-12 18:51 by Hans-Georg
The original photo—genet cat in Samburu Lodge, Kenya, in the evening of 2005-05-21 The original photo—school kids in the Taita Hills, Kenya, in the morning of 2007-06-12

Recently two more of my photos made it into children's magazines, one of a genet cat into "NOCTURNAL ANIMALS" of the "Appreciating Amazing Animals" series, volume 1, Grassland & Jungle, page 7, of Malaysia, and one into the "bbluesky kids" (yes, double-b) magazine #1, 10.2009, page 34, of Hong Kong (see the page below).

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The Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later

So, 2009-11-08 20:09 by Hans-Georg
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Nightfall / Einbruch der Nacht

So, 2009-11-08 19:23 by Hans-Georg


The mouse pointer controls the time.
Der Mauszeiger steuert die Zeit.

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Telly wandelt Telefonnummern in Wörter um

Fr, 2009-09-18 22:58 by Hans-Georg

Habe gerade ein kleines Programm fertiggestellt, Telly, mit dem man Telefonnummern in Wörter umwandeln kann, die man dann eintippen kann.

Manche Telefonnummern lassen sich gut durch Wörter darstellen, andere nicht. Nullen und Einsen haben leider auch keine Buchstaben und sind daher hierfür ungünstig. Manchmal lassen sich die Wörter besser merken. Jedenfalls viel Spaß!

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Live choir video—Perpetuum Jazzile: "Africa"

Di, 2009-06-30 20:33 by Hans-Georg

Enjoy this choir. I think they are amazing.

After starting the video, you can enable "HQ" and full-screen display, if you like and if you have a fast Internet connection. And turn up your sound volume.

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Why the experts missed the crash

Do, 2009-03-05 22:01 by Hans-Georg
Philip Tetlock is a professor of organizational behavior at the Haas Business School at the University of California-Berkeley.

Philip Tetlock is a professor of organizational behavior at the Haas Business School at the University of California-Berkeley.

Which forecasters should you trust on the direction of the economy and the markets? Ask Philip Tetlock, who knows the kind of expert worth listening to—and what to listen for.

By Eric Schurenberg, Money Magazine
Last Updated: February 18, 2009: 4:10 PM ET

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Aerial night photos of London

Sa, 2009-01-31 11:48 by Hans-Georg
City of London, by Jason Hawkes Big Ben, by Jason Hawkes

The photographer Jason Hawkes has taken fascinating, almost magical aerial photos of the city of London at night, early dawn, or late dusk:

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The places we live—slums around the world

Mi, 2009-01-28 18:46 by Hans-Georg
The places we live - this photo shows Caracas

Watch this panoramic, narrated photo show and listen to the personal stories of some of the inhabitants of the world's fastest-growing human habitat—the slum.

I believe it is important to understand how slums work and what they feel like, but many of you have never set foot into one, so this may be your best chance to do so, if only virtually.

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