Hey Joe

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Sun, 2008-01-06 12:58 by Hans-Georg · Forum/category:

Just stumbled over your name in the new users list. Welcome!

The name Michna comes from the Bohemian lands, so it is no surprise that your father hails from there.

You are actually the first person named Michna who has registered here and comes from outside of our wider family. As reward you now have your own, personal blog at http://blog.michna.com/blog/22. Fill it up! (:-)

By the way, this also gives you access to a hitherto little-used semi-secret forum named Blogger. Only a few people have access to it, my extended family and everybody else who has, or will have, a blog on this site. If you like, you can also change your username. So, if you prefer your blog to be named, "Joe's blog", change your username to Joe.