Summer solstice fire Hohenbrunn - Sonnwendfeuer Hohenbrunn

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Sun, 2008-06-22 09:39 by Hans-Georg
Pyre A family People gathering Bicycles - the one with the small wheels is mine. Fire engine and emergency car Beer garden atmosphere Sitting around the fire at a safe distance The little girl wants to drive the fire engine. Lining up for food and beer It made me shudder - an ancient Celtic-Roman custom. Curious kids The fire is lit. It burns very quickly. Flames Rising high People gaze from a safe distance - it is now very hot. The fire catches the attention. Intense burn The grass begins to burn, but the ground is still damp from recent rain. The poles glow. People watching from the other side Bavarian folk band in a truck (see video below) Horn blowers Bass tuba The tuba player

Enjoy the photos. Here is a video of the band:

Bavarian folk band in a truck
Bavarian folk band in a truck - WMV video, 309 KB

If anybody would like any of these photos in their full resolution, please send me an email.

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