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Christmas market in Hohenbrunn

Christmas market in Hohenbrunn
Stand selling cakes
Candles and honey
Candles and honey
Warriors and Soldiers Comradeship
2008 years ago …
Mary and Jesus
At the crib
Mary (I don't know her real name.)

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Weihnachtsmarkt in Hohenbrunn

Sun, 2008-12-14 14:28 by Hans-Georg

Today there was a small Christmas market in Hohenbrunn, the neighboring village. It was a sunny day, and so many people got the idea of going there, eating a little, and having a Glühwein, literally translated, a glowing wine or one that makes you glow, a mixture of wine, orange or other fruit juice, and sugar, warmed up.

The local clubs, societies, and small traders had stands selling various kinds of food and drinks, sweets, candles and honey. I ate some roasted sweet chestnuts, which were very tasty.

Among the visitors I spotted the mayor, who was greeting and chatting with the people. This village is small enough for nearly everybody to know him.

In one corner the Christmas story was rebuilt, even with real, live sheep. They had recruited children to play the main figures, and a puppet represented Jesus in the crib. The last photos show Mary.