50 years ago – stereo

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Wed, 2008-12-24 12:18 by Hans-Georg

50 years ago, on 1958-12-26, the SFB (Sender Freies Berlin, english: radio station of the free Berlin) performed the first German stereophonic transmission over two FM transmitters. One transmitted the left channel, the other the right.

To receive it, you needed two radios.

What, only 50 years ago? Today a better-equipped home has 6- or 8-channel surround sound in the living room, which need not cost more than $200. (Of course, if you're a hi-fi afficionado, append one or two zeros. :-)


Wed, 2008-12-24 12:38 by daniel michna

......wußte garnicht, das der SFB damit angefangen hat. War auch vor meiner Zeit. Ich bin jetzt auch schon fast 26 Jahre dabei!

Gruß Daniel !

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